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FESTA FRAWLI Add to Favourites 19/04/2015


The Festa Frawli (Strawberry Feast) is held in the main village square in front of the Imġarr...


MaltaNSTS_ErwSchuleingangSummer camp NSTS for the youngest students aged from 10-13 years and ,, Junior,, programmes for students aged between 13-17 years offers excellent opportunity to study and rest. The course consists of 20 lessons per week in a group up to 15 people, a special approach to the program, monitoring attendance, a certificate is issued subject to a visit at least 80% of lessons and entertainment.

Accommodation on open campus or Maltese families near the school. We will dedicate particular attention to the younger age group during the Summer Vacation English Courses and provide special supervision and play programmes. Our friendly teachers are motivated by greater fun and a more liberal approach to keep the child's attention high throughout the dynamic teaching activities and language games they organize. We will run outings to various places of enjoyment for the very young, to popular beaches and play parks, go on boat rides and interact with popular cultural exhibits and attractions. Moreover we will organize daily additional games, animation, entertainment and sports. We offer our Summer Camp only at NSTS International College on full-board, where we engage dedicated personnel for greater care and safety and do not allow Camp students to leave the grounds unaccompanied in the evening.