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The Festa Frawli (Strawberry Feast) is held in the main village square in front of the Imġarr...


Like a kaleidoscope of different civilizations, Malta has preserved all the traces of its extraordinary past.

From its first inhabitants , who built mysterious megalithic temples in honour of the Mother –Goddess of fertility close to 7000 years ago, to the Knights of St.John, whose Order created the first visionary state of a victorious Europe, Malta must have been an impressive island.

It is still today, so many centuries later , a very special place thanks to the warmth of its people , who radiate the typical Mediterranean spontaneity and traditional hospitality. From the time of Calypso , who according to legend held Ulysses captive on the island of Gozo for seven years, this charming way of doing things has never changed. Even the Acts of the Apostles describe the generous and friendly welcome the islanders gave St.Paul.

Malta loves to celebrate and sparkle. Religious feasts, carnival, commemorative events, everything is a good excuse for rejoicing. You could never really get to know Malta without participating in at least one if its village festas in honour of the patron Saint which are held every weekend from June till September.

As you step into history , tradition and culture of Maltese islands -you step into the timeless magic of a truly unique destination.


Industry: tourism, electronics, ship building and repair.

Agriculture: potatoes, cauliflower, grapes, wheat

Exports: machinery and transport equipment, manufactures.

Fast Facts

Population : 406 000

Capital : Valletta

Area: 316 square kilometers

Language: English, Maltese

Currency: Euro

Life Expectancy: 77


  • Ideal location in the centre of Mediterranean
  • Easy access by sea and the international airport of Malta
  • High standard and efficiency of banking services, telecommunications, postal and courier and other services
  • High level of education, medical services
  • Cost of living is generally lower than in Europe
  • One of the most attractive locations in Europe for tax-advantaged private Residence
  • Very low income tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax
  • A hub for the Registration of Ship and Yachts
  • English-speaking and safe environment

Welcome to Malta - truly unique destination!