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MainRBSM International Boarding School in Malta is the first school operating abroad for Russian-speaking children. According to the independent evaluations of the competent foreign experts, this school is one of the best in such particular category, due to perfect combination of Russian and English educational programs for secondary school, and the high level of teaching in the English-speaking environment.

Ample educational traditions together with the Mediterranean climate and safe environment (since the crime rate in Malta is one of the lowest in Europe) provides good reasons to consider Malta as an ideal location for the boarding school.

If you want your child to become a harmoniously developed person and give him/her an opportunity to continue educational process in best foreign universities, RBSM is the optimal solution

Educational system

The main idea of RBSM is to combine Russian and English educational systems. The best European educational traditions and teaching methods are successfully combined in RBSM: British educational program is enriched with progressive methods of Russian scientific pedagogy, leading in the number of educational fields.

We suggest that it is more interesting to study subjects in Russian and then use gained knowledge at the English Language lessons. Learning English based on the general knowledge of the main school subjects, is more effective than just learning by heart some abstract rules of English grammar.

The school graduates get two Certificates of General Secondary Education - the Russian and the European one.

An RBSM leaver, holding the certificate of our school, can be accepted in the universities of England, Switzerland and other countries without the entrance examinations.

Mandatory program includes:

  • All subjects of the Russian educational system
  • Intensive English : all graduates pass the recognized throughout the world the Cambridge examination for proficiency in English - IELTS, which is held in the Chamber of Commerce of the British Council in Malta
  • A number of academic subjects in English
  • A second foreign language beginning from the first class
  • Fundamentals of musical literacy and fine arts
  • Choreography, sports games and the elements of martial arts

In addition, students can engage in:

  • Theater art
  • Contemporary dance at the dance academy of Todes
  • Music (piano, guitar, lessons in a rock band)
  • Art
  • Photo and video shooting
  • Swimming
  • Chess
  • Martial arts
  • Tennis and other activities tailored to individual preferences and abilities.

Students live in the school's residence, with the status of 4 * hotel. In school residences boys and girls live in different buildings. There are three type of accommodation of students (single or double):

  • In rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning and Internet connection
  • one-room apartments with kitchenette
  • a two-bedroom apartments.

The whole area is under surveillance by security cameras and monitored by 24hour.